Epic Adventures


Teaser Site

Epic Adventures is a Digital Children’s Book which needed a teaser site. The website needed to be immersive, emphasising the excitement of the animation book which you can download here.


Supporting the Senior Designer, I was responsible creating hero and carousel animations. Using assets supplied by the Illustrator, animating on Hype Pro.


Throughout the process, I collaborated with a developer. To ensure the animations were implemented seamlessly in modules.




Social Posts

Part of doing work for Epic Adventures was creating imagery for the social channel, using existing assets which coincide with the copy. 


Digital book


Collaborating with the Senior Designer at We Love Digital. We had produced interactive animated pages. Once development was underway, I was responsible for QA for the app.


QA had to be clear, concise to ensure the animations and the interactivity was correct. As a result, a beautiful animated book was born where kids enjoy reading and feel part of the story.


Marketing PDF

Epic adventures needed a printable PDF. Marketed to potential investors/partners to showcasing benefits and apps ecosystem.




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