Sony Dotcom


Design Management 

Working under the Art Director at We Love Digital and Sony’s Design Manager, I supported in the management of website assets and modules, ensuring they were used correctly on the Sony Mobile dotcom.


UX / Global Decks

Collaborating with the Head of UX at We Love Digital and Sony’s Design Manager, I was responsible for maintenance of presentation decks for use by Sony in internal meetings. I also redesigned Sony Mobile’s global presentation deck, which is distributed to external agencies. Here are a couple of slide example below.


With a vast amount of information regarding Sony's LHP testing and structor of the page needed to be visualised and easy to understand when presented to the company internally.


An extensive volume of information was given to show case testing on photography Communications.


Office Document

Sony asked us to create a document to highlight various segmentations for testing, the document needed to be pedagogical and easy-to-understand at a glance when hung next to desks in their office.




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