UI Daily Challenge 6 – User Profile

The brief on day 6 was design a user profile. I worked upon Nikes running club app profile section, and added an element that would create motivation and competition between runners, which was similar to Nike+ first release which had more of a competitive community.


UI Daily Challenge 5 – App Icon

The brief on day 5 was to design a app Icon. I had designed an icon for an Origami app concept which its purpose is to teach people how to make Origami. I had gone for a simplistic geometric icon which can be seen clearly from a distance.


UI Daily Challenge 4 – Calculator

Day 4 was to design a Calculator UI. I went beyond a conventional calculator design and added an excel functional element to calculator design concept.


UI Daily Challenge 3 – Landing Page

Day 3 was to design a Landing page. I used L'Oréal skin cares product Hydra Genius to create a promotional page for the product. Taking advantage of the product packaging I chose to use the product colouring and colours that harmonises with the packaging.


UI Daily Challenge 2 - Credit Card Checkout

The second challenge was to Design a credit card checkout form or page. Which should include elements such as card numbers, dates, security numbers.

I had redesigned’s checkout page which would show products bought, product price, total price and any other additional elements that needed to be included. This would make it easier for the user to have an overview before purchase.


UI Daily Challenge 1 - Signup Page

The first challenge was to Design a sign up page, modal, form or app screen.

I had chosen to start with’s signup page, and condense already existing form fields to reduce time spent on creating an account.