Mark Anderson (We Love Digital) MD & Creative Director

“Harry first joined us for work experience. I offered him a job at the end of the two weeks. It is not often I do that. 

In the year that he has been with WLD he has grown immensely. Always hard working blended with a willingness to learn new skills. Together these attributes have laid a strong foundation for an excellent career in Digital. 

He has continuously supported us across internal works and marketing whilst working across a spread of our clients under the guidance of an Art Director. Giving him an understanding of the different demands that a varied and diverse client base require. He then takes learnings into the next work stream or project.”

Harry is also a great guy to have in the office. Loyal, hard working, funny and a gentleman. In short, it was pleasure to have him as part of the WLD team.”

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Sean Holden: Previous (We Love Digital) Senior Designer

“Harry came to us for work experience and was a fantastic addition to the office. Working on and an open brief to ‘design your way out of a zombie apocalypse’ really grabbed our attention - so we offered him a Junior position. 

Harry is a great designer with a lot of potential and always growing in experience. Not only is he well versed in a lot of design applications, his skill level exceeds any Junior I have ever worked with. He is very pro-active and always ready to lend a hand, even to tasks that might be outside the designers’ normal remit. 

Working across multiple projects in We Love Digital he learned to embrace responsive design, User Experience and web design best practises, along side motion graphics and animation, quality assurance and brand development.”

He also makes a fantastic cup of tea, is friendly, approachable, dependable and a genuinely lovely guy with a true sense of design.”

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Harry Flaherty
Mats A. Persson: Previous (We Love Digital) Creative Director

“Harry did work experience with We love digital during my time as CD there. His thinking is different, and that’s a very good thing! Working on a project where he re-branded IKEA for a Zombie apocalypse was interesting to say the least. But he’s not just ideas. He’s got a firm handle of on design and he put it all to good use on clients such as Sony Mobile etc. Recommended.”

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